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Hyde Park Wedding | Sydney Wedding Photographer – Ashleigh & Nathan

I am really excited to present to you this wonderful couple. The story behind them is very unique. This text was put together by Ashleigh’s parents and it was displayed on their reception:

Met in Toowoomba
Skyped from Afghanistan.
Fell in love in Italy
Lived in Darwin
Holidayed in Hong Kong
Proposed from Egypt
Married in Hyde Park Sydney
Honeymoon in South America
To be continued….

The following words are not mine, but Nathans. This is how he describes their story to me:

“We first met in Toowoomba in 2006. We were both station at a base there. Over the years we kept in close contact, with flirting occurring ALL the time. I deployed to Afghanistan in 2011. This is when Ashleigh flew to Italy to see me. That was were we fell in love. When I returned from that deployment, Ashleigh and I moved in together in Darwin. I deployed, again, this time to Egypt, we holidayed in Hong Kong together and I returned to Egypt to finish my trip. That was where I purposed from.

The way I proposed was on National Television, on a show called The Project and here is the link. As you can see by the You Tube link, if you watched it, I made the mistake of spelling her name wrong. I was a little stressed out, I only had a short time to write her name down, and have the photo taken.

So i did exactly that, they took the photo and they left. Limo, the man is who talking on the show, had a chat to me and made sure he got all the info he could get on the proposal, and off back to Australia they went. Now I had NO idea that I spelt Ashleigh’s name wrong and of course the first person to tell me was Ashleigh herself. That was just before she told me “YES” she would marry me haha.

It was all a great laugh and a mass embarrassment for Ash. Which of course was half of what I was going for… that and shock and awe! haha. I think I achieved exactly that. The fact that I spelled her name wrong just adds to the story. We think it makes it that much more memorable.

Shortly after I returned to Australia Ashleigh gave me the ring she designed which was still in its sealed box and I waited for the right moment to present it to her. I figured after all of the attention she had received (most of it unwanted… apparently) I decided to drop down on one knee in our lounge-room and asked if I could put the ring on her finger.”

Guys, your story is one of a kind. Working with you was heaps of fun. Your friends and families are amazing.
Have a great life together and enjoy your South America Honeymoon.
Here is my story of your day.


Civil Marriage Celebrant: Robyn Pattison – Young, fresh, fun and personalReception: Italian Village – The Rocks

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