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"Our Goal is to create timeless, unforgettable images that show your individuality, your spirit and energy. We want that window back to your extraordinary day to be a beautiful one, one that you are proud to share with friends and family and one that reflects the twinkle in your eye as you pore through your album with children and grandchildren"




There is so much to think about when planning your wedding. The perfect dress, handpicked flowers, charming venue, delicious food… But once the fun and laughter is over and you’re back from your exotic honeymoon you are only left with two things - memories and photographs. This is why we believe your photos are one of the most significant features of your wedding day. We feel it's important to be on the same wavelength as our couples. If you are interested in booking us, we would love to have you along for a cup of coffee and a chat about your plans.

Alternatively, if you are little further away, we can arrange a Skype call and create custom made packages for weddings across the nation, or around the world. Availability is limited as we are only taking on a small number of weddings for the year ahead.

Our 8 hours Yellow Brick Road package already starts from $2690, but we can also accommodate smaller weddings and as always, best would be to contact us to talk about it. I have put together detailed information about my wedding packages into one simple PDF document which I can email you.

Click on the Get in Touch button below to contact me for the full price list and ask about my availability.

We also offer Corporate portraits or Business Headshots. We can come to you and setup a studio in your office or any other location you choose. Please have a look at our Business Portraits portfolio HERE



All day coverage

Large Fine Art Album with protective carry case

Two wedding photographers (one for duration of 7 hours)

Edited Full Sized High Resolution Images.

No copyright protection. No watermarks.

Wedding Highlights Film

Longer Version Video

One Cinematographer

Custom USB or Eco-Friendly Digital Delivery



10 hours on the day

Medium Size Fine Art Album

5 High Gloss Metal Panel Magnets - 3x2" Chromaluxe

Edited Full Sized High Resolution Images

No copyright protection. No watermarks

Custom USB or Eco-Friendly Digital Delivery

Online Gallery



8 Hours on the Day

Edited Full Sized High Resolution Images

No copyright protection, No watermarks

Online Gallery

Eco-Friendly Digital Delivery

Please get in touch via the contact form to organise a meeting.

Every year, our diary is jam packed with amazing adventures and fantastic couples. We’re usually booked 1 - 2 years in advance and summer dates are, of course, always popular. So if you’re hell bent on having us shoot your wedding this year or beyond, we’d love to hear from you as soon as you say “YES” and long before you say “I DO”.


An engagement session is HIGHLY recommended!

Besides the loads of fun we'll have shooting together, pre-wedding session also gives us a chance to get to know each other better so I can show up to the wedding more like a good friend who just happen to have a few cameras around his neck!
Up to 2 hours photo shoot in Sydney area, includes approximately 60-80 edited High Resolution JPEG images and costs $650.

"If booked in conjunction with our wedding packages, we will give a discounted rate of $399"


We know how important it is for everything to run smoothly when you have put so much effort into organizing your wedding or event. You’ve already made a super choice if we may say so ourselves by choosing us to provide you with personal, storytelling photography you’ll respect, so why stop there? Here are some remarkable recommended wedding suppliers who we’ve been really impressed with, so you can ensure everything is running smooth.

Just so you know, these people are all on here because we truly believe in their work and they are fun people too!



As long as you let us! In other words, from the getting ready stage to the drunk-on-the-dance floor stage.
Well, yes you can, but ask yourself this: Do you want to put pressure on your friend or do you want them to enjoy your wedding with you? We’ve heard so many sad stories of friends or family members missing key moments, not being able to cope with dark rooms and changing weather, or worse still, getting too drunk to produce quality photography. Why take the risk with the most important day of your life? Chances are they will not have the relevant experience nor talent. If you need to save money, find savings elsewhere and leave your memories in the capable hands of a professional.
Every photographer has the right to charge what they feel is an appropriate fee for their work on your wedding. Our rates are based on the amount of coverage you get with us, as well as the amount of preparation, passion and absolute hard work we will put into your images and albums after the wedding. Our pricing reflects the high quality of our work comparable to many photographers who charge less, it is a simple as that. You’re also paying for an internationally recognized, professional and experienced photographer, not an average one and an assistant. Looking at a photographer and thinking the price seems cheap? Do this quick calculation: Take the number of hours they are likely to work with you on the day, add another 3-4 days of processing time, then total it. Now divide that by the fee – would you work for that hourly rate? Do you need to consider album design and other products too? If the answer is no, then you may get what you pay for.
For clients who require up to eight hours of wedding coverage, natural documentary style photographic reportage kicks off the day with bridal preparation, capturing details, the expectation and enthusiasm of the big day ahead. We can also cover groom prep if you’d like this. Throughout the wedding we’ll unobtrusively record your day through great distinctive photography. After the ceremony, we’ll go for a portrait session, making sure you have plenty of time to enjoy your own party. Our photographic coverage culminates shortly after your first dance, just long enough to capture some atmospheric dancing! We like to capture the essence of you, the sense of time and history that is your day with all your friends and family having a great time.
Definitely! Take the pressure off a family member and book a photographer for the ceremony and reception drinks, then they can properly enjoy themselves. We do tailored packages at special rates for small weddings and short coverage.
Yes! I will go wherever you want uspl to, both in the AU and Internationally. If you are having a destination wedding there is a real benefit to choosing a wedding photographer local to you and not your venue, as you will be able to build up a relationship and bond before your wedding. Outside of Australia, as a destination wedding photographer we would work out a suitable fee for travel and accommodation with you at the time of your quote. So feel free to get married in Bali, I’m sure we can manage it!
Almost anywhere. We like to shoot somewhere different and a place that means something to you but we can also suggest places if you’re happy to go with our ideas. For out-of-Sydney locations we may ask for travel expenses to be covered.
Many people go for a custom-made book made for guests to sign on the wedding day, or perhaps have a print framed for signing. Others have used a framed print as gifts for parents or had a canvas wrap for their own home.
In a word, no! Unless your ceremony happens at night time, or in extreme harsh sunlight. We generally feel it is kind of invasive, in fact, we will shoot almost all of your wedding in natural light, we only really bring our flashes out on the dance floor.
Big, black, heavy, expensive ones. More importantly we use the highest quality lenses, allowing us to shoot in all situations, including candle light (without flashing and ruining the atmosphere)
Yes, I'm a bit obsessed and have multiple camera bodies and most lenses. Your images are backed up automatically, as I shoot, and then again at home and again, and again…
We have Public Liability insurance to the value of $20 million. Our equipment is fully insured! We are award winning members of WPJA – Wedding Photojournalist Association and WEP - World Elite Photographers, which is all invitation only groups of the highest quality photographers in the AU and the world!
Having been in the wedding industry a number of years we’re lucky enough to have a tight knit group of similar photographers, who would be our first port of call in the event of disaster. We then have other emergency cover and back up groups of photographers whom we could call upon. The wedding photography industry is a great place and everyone is willing to help out if disaster strikes. This has never happened though in over ten years of shooting weddings
It’s not a problem as such if you book a photographer who knows what they are doing, but we definitely wouldn’t recommend a time later than 2pm if you want to have group shots outside in the light. Make sure you ask any photographer you are considering to show you a full winter wedding they have shot; it is very different to shooting in the summer. We still shoot mostly natural light in winter but some photographers will up their use of flash, something to check if you find it intrusive.
Of course, we will tailor a package for all our clients, so tell us your plans and we will give you a custom-made quote. We understand you may feel having photos just up to the wedding breakfast is enough (although not half as fun!) but we are also a rare breed of photographer who will stay until the very end of the night. Just get in touch if you would like to know more.
Well if you choose DLP you can reassure them that I’m very quiet during the ceremony and also that I never use flash in the church.
This really isn’t a problem at all. Choosing a photographer who hasn’t been to a venue can be a good thing, they will see the venue with fresh eyes, giving you a set of unique wedding photos. That works for me
Not at all. We think there is still a place for group photos at a wedding, as it tends to be one of the very few times that families get together.
If we are with you for more than four hours, then yes please. It’s a very long day for us photographers, and we’d rather not have to think about where we are getting our dinner from. In saying that, we don’t expect anything more than main meal, but when you are eating it is good if we can eat too. We don’t take pictures of people eating, no-one looks good doing it, and we want you and your guests to enjoy your food and not feel self-conscious.
If you’re thinking about photography, then book now! We generally take bookings 12-18 months in advance and shoot a limited number of weddings a year, but it’s not out of the question for us to accept a booking with just a few days’ notice, if we are available. We will send you our contract and take a $400 booking fee. The balance is then required for payment 2 weeks before the wedding. Most people tend to book in their venue, followed quite soon by their photographer, as good photographers do get booked up early.
We wouldn’t recommend it. Most clients book us between 12 and 18 months in advance, and some have signed us up two years in advance. Remember we can only ever shoot one wedding a day and once we are booked we are booked, so don’t miss out. By booking early you also make yourself immune from any price rises, as we always honor your original quote. Saying this, do always check your date, even if it is only a few months away as you never know!
Whilst you’re enjoying yourselves on honeymoon, we’ll be attached to our computers tweaking your images to bring them to their full glory and show them to you on our blog. We always love the idea of them waiting for you on your return from honeymoon and will strive to achieve this, but realistically in busy periods we can take up to four weeks. But you wouldn’t want us to rush them right?
We shoot in RAW format (unfinished out-of-camera files), then we individually process and edit every single successful image from your wedding. This involves creating unique color effects, converting images to attractive black & white, and we will do some blemish removal.
Yes, and if you change your mind and decide to have an album, you can always add it later, also getting it in the package is always more affordable. Think about all those holiday/birthday photos on your pc. How often do you look at them? If you go for the disk only chances are you’ll make a few prints and then they’ll sit in a drawer or on your computer, and you’ll never look at them enough. With an album you have a physical, tangible thing to look at with ease, to touch and remember, easily accessible to show people how fantastic you looked. We also favor coffee table books, which can hold many images, which really allows us to tell your story and doesn’t feel like a big bulky thing that has to live underneath your bed.
After you’ve selected which images you’d like in the album we will design the layout in the best way possible to tell the story of the day. We will email you a proof to look over and approve your album for printing.
We’re professional wedding photographers, so if we’re not prepared for the rain who will be! Embrace the weather and you never know what you’re going to get :) We’ll never drag your guests out into the elements but for the two of you it’s worth a little water for some epic images – rain can make for great photo opportunities!
Your images are yours, so you can print and share as many as you like for yourselves or family and friends. While the photographer always retains copyright of the images (by law), i.e. you can’t sell them on to a third party and make a profit. Family and friends can also purchase prints from us if they don’t want to bother you :)
Your disk is licensed for personal use only, and at most for sharing with immediate family. Broader event guests will have to contact us.
You will own joint copyright to all photos on your disc. This allows us to use the images for our website, marketing, etc. but you are free to print, email and upload to Facebook, Instagram at your leisure.




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