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Same Sex Engagement Photos Sydney – American Couple – Bryan & Cruz

Same Sex Engagement Photography

Bryan and Cruz met at university in Dallas back in 2010. About a year after they met, Cruz transferred to a paramedic school about 2-3 hours outside of Dallas. A group of friends stayed in touch and visited when they could on weekends, and became super close friends over those first 3 years.

After finishing paramedic school in 2013, Cruz found a job with an ambulance service close to Dallas and was able to move back after which him and Bryan began dating. It didn’t take long to figure out that their connection was special and their love has grown each and every day. They’ve been fortunate to share a mutual interest in travel and have spent much of their time together traveling both across the US as well as internationally. They couldn’t be happier to have had the opportunity to propose in beautiful Sydney!

We wish them happiness in their travels through life.



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