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Engagement Couple Shoot in Sydney – Alissa & Kevin

Alissa and Kevin originally met in college in Berkeley, California where Alissa traveled from Australia. Both student-athletes (Kevin a decathlete and Alissa a diver), they were in similar social circles and quickly became good friends. It wasn’t until after they graduated when Alissa moved into the same neighbourhood as Kevin. Thats when their friendship quickly…

Dan Luke Photography – Special End Of Winter Offer

Looking forward to the big day, but feeling a little nervous about posing in front of the camera? Or have you been looking at #weddinginspo on Instagram and wondering how everyone else seems to make it look so effortless and natural? We get it! Your photos will be one of the only things left over…

One Year Anniversary Photo Shoot – Hui Min & Leo

Leo and Hui Min met through a dating app. On their much anticipated first date, they meet up in front of the QVB statue. Leo was sneaky as he had planned for them to watch a horror movie. The date went well and soon they were on their second and third dates, meeting every five…

Engagement Photographer Sydney | Anita and Garo

Engagement Photographer Sydney Garo and Anita are a love story like no other. Anita is obsessed with Garo from day one when they met three and a half years ago. Their life since has been a blessing, full of amazing experiences, love hardship and friendship. We look forward to their wedding this May. Stay tuned


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