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Couple Photos in Kirribilli // Kat and Jan

Couple photos in Sydney. Kat and Jan met two years ago after she moved to Sydney from Brisbane for work. Their housemates were dating, so they met through them by accident. It was that one night when Kat walked into the room full of friends and found her friend for life. Things moved on fast…

Engagement Photographer Sydney | Anita and Garo

Engagement Photographer Sydney Garo and Anita are a love story like no other. Anita is obsessed with Garo from day one when they met three and a half years ago. Their life since has been a blessing, full of amazing experiences, love hardship and friendship. We look forward to their wedding this May. Stay tuned

Engagement Photos @ Centennial Park and Paddington Reservoir

Aarthi & Jomar | Engagement Photography Sydney Jomar and Aarthi met at their first official jobs out of uni. They started out as good friends and workmates but soon they felt drawn to each other’s energy. Their effortless, endless free flow of conversations coupled with innate feeling of wanting to take this friendship to another…

Watsons Bay Engagement Photos | Zaga + Allan

Watsons Bay Engagement Photos A fun day with these two who could not stop smiling and laughing at one another. The beautiful backdrop of Watson’s bay really helped bring out their goofiness and their love for each other.

Same Sex Engagement Photos | Outdoor Portrait Session Sydney | Michael + Mal

Michael and Mal met in Australia hours before Michael’s flight was departing back to USA. They had such a deep connection that Michael so much wanted to cancel his flight but he just couldn’t. So they took a single picture together and he flew home. They talked non stop via Skype, Facetime, Whatsapp. etc. Michael…


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