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Milena and Nikola’s Serbian Wedding at Waterview in Bicentennial Park

Milena and Nikola’s love story began 6 years ago. She was his first girlfriend and he was her first boyfriend. They attended the same University and made sure every break was spent together. Since then, they became inseparable. Travelling to Europe for two months was their next big adventure. After a romantic weekend in Jervis…

Windy wedding ceremony on Little Bay Beach in Sydney’s eastern suburbs

When we say windy, it wasn’t just any wind. This was 60 km/h winds causing havoc on the streets, ocean to throw waves meters high and people to barely stand on their feet. However, that didn’t stop our pregnant bride Rebecca to walk into Chad’s arms and endure two hours photo shoot. Photography and Video…

Pier One and Botanical Gardens Wedding Sydney | Alissa and Kevin

Alissa and Kevin’s story begin over 10 years ago at the University of California, Berkeley where they both studied. Both student-athletes, they quickly became good friends. It wasn’t until after graduation that fate bought them into the same neighbourhood in San Francisco. At that time, their friendship quickly turned into something more. Kevin proposed on…

Engagement Couple Shoot in Sydney – Alissa & Kevin

Alissa and Kevin originally met in college in Berkeley, California where Alissa traveled from Australia. Both student-athletes (Kevin a decathlete and Alissa a diver), they were in similar social circles and quickly became good friends. It wasn’t until after they graduated when Alissa moved into the same neighbourhood as Kevin. Thats when their friendship quickly…

Ottimo House Denham Court Wedding – Kaysey and Harrick

5 years ago, Kaysey and Harrick’s love story began over a 5-hour phone call discussing their fondness for cars. Their conversations grew in depth and time which set out space for each of them to heal from past hurts. They soon learned that growing up in opposite parts of NSW proved distance did not dictate…

Dan Luke Photography – One of Top 35 Wedding photographers in Sydney

Dan Luke Photography has been selected as one of Top 35 Wedding Photographers in Sydney. Here is the link to the article: Top 35 Wedding Photographers in Sydney (2018) We would like to thank all our fantastic couples for making this possible.  


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